Drinking-water Register for New Zealand

ESR maintains the Drinking-water Register for New Zealand on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

In accordance with sections 69J, 69K and 69L of the Health Act 1956, water suppliers, other than self-suppliers, must be registered.

Section 69J requires the Director General of Health to maintain a Register of drinking-water suppliers and supplies. The Register records information such as the name of the supply and the contact details of the supplier. The size of the supply whether it is neighbourhood (serving 25-100 people), small (serving 101-500 people), minor (serving 501-5000 people), medium (serving 5001-10,000 people) or large supply serving more than 10,000 people. Whether it is a networked, bulk or specified self-supply as well as the source or sources of water for that supply.

A self-supplier is a water supplier who owns a drinking-water supply that is exclusively used to supply water to one property that is also owned by that person; or one or more buildings that are also owned by that person. Specified self-suppliers supply water to community-purpose buildings owned by them.

Sections 69K and 69L require Water Carriers to be registered and their registration renewed annually. This includes transporters of drinking-water that use trucks, trailers, vessels, rail wagons and demountable tanks. This registration lasts one year. Within 3 months of the year ending, the carrier needs to be certificated by a Drinking Water Assessor if they want their registration to be renewed for another year. While certification and re-registration are two different processes, in practice a DWA may complete both processes at the same time.

The current Drinking-water Register is available here in four parts. Networked supplies serving 25 or more people are found in Part 1 of the Register, water carriers are in Part 2 of the Register, networked water suppliers serving fewer than 25 people are in Part 3 of the Register and specified self-suppliers and included in part 4.

The Register provides the public with easily accessible information about community water supplies and suppliers

Part One: Register of Suppliers [XLSX, 119 KB], as of March 2021

Part Two: Register of Water Carriers [XLSX, 116 KB], as of March 2021

Part Three: Register of Networked Suppliers serving fewer than 25 people [XLSX, 40 KB] as of March 2021

Part Four: Register of Specified Self-Supplies [XLSX, 127 KB] as of March 2021

The Drinking-water Register for New Zealand is prepared annually by ESR for the Ministry of Health.