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Methamphetamine Calculator

The methamphetamine calculator is undergoing maintenance. Please try again later.

The Meth Calculator is a tool to help interpret the methamphetamine readings supplied by your methamphetamine testing company.


Your methamphetamine testing company report will include laboratory results that have established the amount of methamphetamine removed from a surface by a swab(s).

ESR has a wide range of expertise in identifying illicit substances, clandestine laboratories and methamphetamine contamination, however please note that ESR does not provide methamphetamine testing as a commercial service.

The laboratory providing your test result should be ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and using an approved analytical method outlined in the NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods (NMAM) under section 9106, 9109 or 9111.

The results for each single swab may be different and this is because different surface types in different locations have been swabbed. The highest result from an unreachable location is a better indicator of the amount of methamphetamine vapour (and therefore the amount of smoking) the room has been exposed to. 

Swab area

Unless otherwise stated, the swab area will be 100cm2. 

Room area
The size (area) of the room is important for these calculations but may not necessarily have been recorded as part of the sampling process since it is not a parameter that relates to the actual level of contamination. An estimate of the room size (area), in square meters (m2), will be sufficient for this purpose.

Area (m2) = Length (m) x Width (m)

The volume (and therefore the height) of the room is not considered as important. Methamphetamine smoke rises and the resulting contamination will tend to collect and be more concentrated towards the ceiling.

About the Meth Calculator
The Meth Calculator helps give some perspective to the levels of contamination being observed and the potential cause based on current research. As such, it is intended as an indicative guide aimed to provide information to the public. It is current only at the date and time of use. ESR endeavours to the best of its ability and knowledge to ensure that the results produced by the Meth Calculator are accurate, however ESR makes no warranty nor assumes any legal liability for the accuracy or completeness of the results.

The data entered into the Meth Calculator may be used by ESR to inform our research into illicit substances.