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Specialist services

Find out more about how your organisation can benefit from ESR’s expertise, through research projects, science services, collaborative partnerships and more.

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ESR partners with many different organisations to provide specialist knowledge and skills, resources, advice and expertise. Find out more about ESR's specialist areas of expertise and research services below.

Research services

Research services

As a Crown Research Institute, ESR scientists are leaders in their fields, dedicated to addressing issues of importance to New Zealand’s social, environmental and economic future.

We have broad range of research and consultancy capability encompassing risk assessment, social systems, data and informatics, genomics and more.

Our scientists can work with you to undertake scientific investigations and address research questions and social impact in a range of areas relating to the health and wellbeing of people, the environment and justice.

This may range from working with clients and end-users to design research methodologies and develop solutions through to providing specific science and research services to support wider projects.

Risk assessments

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is a process intended to calculate or estimate the risk to a given target organism, system, or (sub)population (including the identification of attendant uncertainties), following exposure to a particular agent, taking into account the inherent characteristics of the agent of concern as well as the characteristics of the specific target system. The risk assessment process includes four steps: hazard identification, hazard characterisation or dose–response assessment, exposure assessment, and risk characterisation. Risk assessment aims to provide risk managers with information necessary to make good, risk-based decisions.

ESR’s risk assessment activities include assessment of risks associated with:

  • chemical and microbiological hazards in the food supply

  • discharge of chemical and microbiological hazards to the environment

  • the presence of intended or unintended chemicals in consumer products

Advice & training

Advice & training

ESR experts can provide training and professional development in areas ranging from radiation safety and blood pattern analysis to training in laboratory methods and equipment. Talk to us about meeting your training needs in areas of our expertise.

Specialist technology

Specialist technology

ESR has specialist laboratories, equipment and technology needed for a wide range of research in areas including microbiology, chemistry and molecular biology.

As well as our testing and analysis services, we can support with designing testing programmes to meet the needs of your organisation and industry.

Talk to us about how you can work with our experts to utilise these resources for short or longer term projects and science services.

Data, AI and Informatics

Data, AI and Informatics

ESR are leaders in data and informatics, with experts in AI, modelling, computational and information systems. With specialist expertise in health, genomics and environmental systems, we can support researchers and agencies to collect, manage and draw powerful insights from a wide range of data sources. Find out more about our Data Science and AI team, and learn about our contribution to a data-driven health system.

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