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NZ Culture Collection

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ESR maintains a culture collection of medically important bacteria.

ESR maintains this collection as part of the New Zealand Reference Culture Collection (NZRM). It holds approximately 4,000 strains, and supplies reference cultures for quality control, teaching and research purpsoes.

ESR staff managing the Culture Collection also provide advice on regulatory requirements for packing and shipping of infectious substances, MAF/ERMA approval of transitional and containment facilities, and health and safety in laboratories.

If you'd like to request a Culture from the Collection, please complete this Request form [PDF, 484 KB] and read the conditions for the sale and supply of cultures at the bottom of this page.

If you'd like to deposit a Culture into the Collection, please complete this Deposit form [PDF, 498 KB].

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F: + 64 4 913 9609

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Culture Collection - Catalogue of Strains, 7th Edition 2004

Supplement to Culture Collection 2013 [PDF, 278 KB]


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Conditions of sale and supply of NZRM micro-organisms

Strains are supplied for legitimate research purposes only on the understanding that the recipient will not seek intellectual property rights over the strain or any derivatives from the strain, or use them or any derivatives for the development of commercial products, without prior consultation with ESR.

  1. Limitations: We will endeavour to replace non-variable or contaminated strains provided we are notified within a reasonable time of delivery.
  2. Disclaimer: Customers receiving NZRM strains are responsible for their safe storage, handling and use. While strains are supplied in good faith as being accurately labelled as to identity, ESR cannot provide any guarantees on this matter. Identification usually relies on identification supplied by the depositor but may have been updated in the light of further research.
  3. Permits: It is the responsibility of customers to supply any permits and special mailing instructions needed for the strains ordered. Cultures are usually airmailed unless courier is specifically requested or IATA regulations or any other regulations require otherwise.
  4. Ownership: Strains are accessioned to NZRM on the basis that the depositor is the rightful owner and, unless otherwise arranged at the time of deposition, they are available for legitimate research purposes. Recipients who wish to seek intellectual property rights over the strain or any derivatives from the strain, or use them or any derivatives for the development of commercial products, must consult with ESR, who will act on behalf of the owner and ensure fulfilment of obligations under the Convention of Biological Diversity concerning fair equitable benefit sharing.
  5. Transfer: The recipient shall not distribute, sell, lend or otherwise transfer the strains or any derivatives to third parties, without prior consultation with ESR.
  6. Publication and data lodging. The recipient agrees to mention the NZRM strain number in all publications and public database deposits (eg, GenBank, etc) that refer to the strain or any derivatives. In GenBank submissions the NZRM culture should be cited in the format: /culture_collection=“NZRM:2496”.