Genomics and next generation sequencing

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Genomics is a fast moving field, where changes in DNA sequencing technologies are generating more detailed data on life’s basic building blocks.

ESR’s expertise in next generation sequencing provides more detailed genomic data than ever before. Along with the growth in genomics is the growth of bioinformatics; the science of collecting and analysing this complex biological data. ESR has expertise in genomics and bioinformatics, particularly in the areas of microbiology, human forensic science and some human non-communicable diseases. ESR’s genomic science encompasses metagenomics, RNA, epigenetics, microbiomics and others.

ESR uses the latest technology to provide its next generation sequencing capacity. These technological platforms combine speed with the ability to sequence across a wide range of applications. ESR also has expertise in the use and application of portable DNA sequencing. This provides real-time data analysis of sequences where the raw materials are in remote locations or where response time is critical.

ESR has genomics and bioinformatics expertise and capability which is applied to a range of ESR science: 

  • Forensic biology, including DNA and mRNA expertise
  • Analysis and advice on the behaviour of pathogenic bacteria and virus in biowaste, soil and water
  • Identification of virus and bacteria
  • Water microbiology testing and research
  • Faecal source tracking
  • Drinking water investigations
  • Recreational water investigations and human health impacts
  • Food forensic investigations to identify source in foodborne disease
  • Molecular typing of foodborne pathogens
  • Testing for microbial contamination and viruses such as norovirus, adenovirus and rotavirus
eBurst diagram shows the diversity of Campylobacter isolates.

ESR has developed a programme which uses genomic amplification processes to rapidly characterise bacteria based on the presence or absence of 18 genes.