Ngā rangahau kua whakaputaina / Published research

At ESR, we undertake research, both independently and with partners, that makes a real difference to the lives of people in New Zealand and around the world. Supported by a dedicated Research Office, our research scientists are leaders in their field and utilise their applied science knowledge to their research programmes. 

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Registry for ResearchPublication


Title Source Authors Department Year Link
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Samoa, 2007-2008 Emerging Infectious Diseases, 17(6):1023-1029 J. Alesana-Slater, S. R. Ritchie, H. Heffernan, T. Camp, A. Richardson, P. Herbison and P. Norris 2011 Details
Campylobacter fetus subspecies: Comparative genomics and prediction of potential virulence targets Gene, 508(2):145-156 A. Ali, S. C. Soares, A. R. Santos, L. C. Guimar 2012 Details
SNP model development for the prediction of eye colour in New Zealand Forensic science international. Genetics, 7(4):444-52 J. S. Allwood and S. Harbison 2013 Details
The Prevalence and Genetic Diversity of Campylobacter spp. in Domestic Backyard' Poultry in Canterbury, New Zealand Zoonoses and Public Health, 59(1):52-60 J. Anderson, B. J. Horn and B. J. Gilpin 2012 Details
Characteristics of three listeriaphages isolated from New Zealand seafood environments Journal of Applied Microbiology, 115(6):1427-1438 G. J. G. Arachchi, A. N. Mutukumira, B. M. Dias-Wanigasekera, C. D. Cruz, L. McIntyre, J. Young, S. H. Flint, A. Hudson and C. Billington 2013 Details
Declining Guillain-Barre Syndrome after Campylobacteriosis Control, New Zealand, 1988-2010 Emerging Infectious Diseases, 18(2):226-233 M. G. Baker, A. Kvalsvig, J. Zhang, R. Lake, A. Sears and N. Wilson 2012 Details
Difficult Data: Boundary Dynamics, Public Engagement and Bridging Technologies in a Science/Policy Controversy East Asian Science, Technology and Society, 4(4):521-540 V. Baker, J. Fowles and D. Phillips 2010 Details
Decision-making in familial database searching: KI alone or not alone? Forensic Science International-Genetics, 7(1):52-54 D. J. Balding, M. Krawczak, J. S. Buckleton and J. M. Curran 2013 Details
Risk Factors and Immunity in a Nationally Representative Population following the 2009 Influenza A(H1N1) Pandemic Plos One, 5(10) D. Bandaranayake, Q. S. Huang, A. Bissielo, T. Wood, G. Mackereth, M. G. Baker, R. Beasley, S. Reid, S. Roberts, V. Hope and H. N. S. I. Team 2010 Details
The second wave of 2009 pandemic influenza A(H1N1) in New Zealand, January-October 2010 Euro surveillance : bulletin Europ D. Bandaranayake, M. Jacobs, M. Baker, D. Hunt, T. Wood, A. Bissielo, M. Macfarlane, L. Lopez, G. Mackereth and Q. Huang 2011 Details