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Title Source Authors Department Year Link
Transmission of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 during Border Quarantine and Air Travel, New Zealand (Aotearoa) Emerging Infectious Diseases Nick Eichler, Craig Thornley, Tara Swadi, Tom Devine, Caroline McElnay, Jillian Sherwood, Cheryl Brunton, Felicity Williamson, Josh Freeman, Sarah Berger, Xiaoyun Ren, Matt Storey, Joep de Ligt, and Jemma L. Geoghegan Health Science 2021 Details
Genomic Evidence of In-Flight Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Despite Predeparture Testing Emerging Infectious Diseases Tara Swadi1, Jemma L. Geoghegan1Comments to Author , Tom Devine, Caroline McElnay, Jillian Sherwood, Phil Shoemack, Xiaoyun Ren, Matt Storey, Sarah Jefferies, Erasmus Smit, James Hadfield, Aoife Kenny, Lauren Jelley, Andrew Sporle, Andrea McNeill, G. Edwin Reynolds, Kip Mouldey, Lindsay Lowe, Gerard Sonder, Alexei J. Drummond, Sue Huang, David Welch, Edward C. Holmes, Nigel French, Colin R. Simpson, and Joep de Ligt Health Science 2021 Details
COVID-19 in New Zealand and the impact of the national response: a descriptive epidemiological study The Lancet Public Health Sarah Jefferies, MD Prof Nigel French, PhD Charlotte Gilkison, MPH Giles Graham, BSci Virginia Hope, MPhil Jonathan Marshall, PhD Caroline McElnay, MSc Andrea McNeill, PhD Petra Muellner, PhD Shevaun Paine, MAE Namrata Prasad, MPH Julia Scott, MPH Jillian Sherwood, MBChB Liang Yang, PhD Patricia Priest, DPhil Health Science 2020 Details
A review of bioinformatic methods for forensic DNA analyses Forensic Science International - Genetics Liu, YY; Harbison, S Forensic Science 2018 Details
Background levels of male DNA in the vaginal cavity Forensic Science International - Genetics Albani, PP; Patel, J; Fleming, RI Forensic Science 2018 Details
Acceptability of electronic cigarettes as an option to replace tobacco smoking for alcoholics admitted to hospital for detoxification New Zealand Medical Journal Truman, P; Gilmour, M; Robinson, G Health Science 2018 Details
Prevalence of hepatitis E virus antibodies and infection in New Zealand blood donors New Zealand Medical Journal Hewitt, J; Harte, D; Sutherland, M; Croucher, D; Fouche, L; Flanagan, P; Williamson, D Health Science 2018 Details
Infectious helminth ova in wastewater and sludge: A review on public health issues and current quantification practices Water Science and Technology Gyawali, P Water Science 2018 Details
Topical Antibiotic Use Coselects for the Carriage of Mobile Genetic Elements Conferring Resistance to Unrelated Antimicrobials in Staphylococcus aureus Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy Carter, GP; Schultz, MB; Baines, SL; da Silva, AG; Heffernan, H; Tiong, A; Pham, PH; Monk, IR; Stinear, TP; Howden, BP; Williamson, DA Health Science 2018 Details
Genomic epidemiology and antimicrobial resistance of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in New Zealand Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy Lee, RS; Seemann, T; Heffernan, H; Kwong, JC; da Silva, AG; Carter, GP; Woodhouse, R; Dyet, KH; Bulach, DM; Stinear, TP; Howden, BP; Williamson, DA Health Science 2018 Details