Ngā rangahau kua whakaputaina / Published research

At ESR, we undertake research, both independently and with partners, that makes a real difference to the lives of people in New Zealand and around the world. Supported by a dedicated Research Office, our research scientists are leaders in their field and utilise their applied science knowledge to their research programmes. 

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Registry for ResearchPublication


Title Source Authors Department Year Link
Infant/toddler health risks from exposure to Polybrominated Diphenyl ethers (pbdes) in car seats and automotive upholstery J.Fowles, D.Morgott Health Science 2013 Details
Cadmium in Groundwater: review of regional council data C.Nokes, L.Weaver Water Science 2014 Details
Biowastes to produce high value manuka honey on marginal land in NZ Jacqui Horswell, Jennifer Prosser, Brett Robinson and Juergen Esperschuetz Water Science 2014 Details
Greywater Reuse: Update of New Zealand and International Research Siggins, A. and Weaver, L. Water Science 2013 Details
An evaluation of community oral health services Foote, Jeff; Hepi, Maria; Nicholas, Graeme 2014 Details
Risk Profile: Toxoplasma gondii in red meat and meat products Cressey P, Lake R Food Science 2015 Details
Distinguishing possum and human faeces using faecol sterol analysis B. J. Gilpin, M. Devane, D. Wood and A. Chappell 2012 Details
Forensic Biomechanics J. Kieser, M. Taylor and D. Carr 2012 Details
Southern Hemisphere Influenza and Vaccine Effectiveness Research and Surveillance Qiu. Sue Huang, Nikki Turner, Michael G. Baker, Deborah A. Williamson, Conroy Wong, Richard Webby, Marc-Alain Widdowson 2015 Details
Natural and anthropogenic radionuclide activity concentrations in the New Zealand diet Pearson A. J, Gaw S, Hermanspahn N, Clover C.N Radiation Science 2015 Details