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Kristin Dyet

Kristin Dyet joined ESR in 2006 and is a Senior Scientist the Health and Environment Group, based at the Kenepuru Science Centre in Wellington.


Kristin earned her BSc(Hons) and PhD degrees in Microbiology, from the University of Otago.


Kristin is a microbiologist who has skills in phenotypic and genotypic antibiotic susceptibility testing as well as molecular typing of bacteria. Kristin works in ESR’s Antibiotic Reference and Nosocomial Infections Laboratories that are tasked with providing national surveillance of antimicrobial resistance among human pathogens and typing of hospital-acquired pathogens. These laboratories bring together data from various sources and various surveillance systems to compile national antimicrobial resistance data. They also provide a reference service for the confirmation and characterisation of antimicrobial resistance and identification of resistance determinants as well as assisting health care facilities with outbreak investigations. Traditional susceptibility and typing methods are used by the laboratory although processes are currently being transitioned to platforms that utilise whole genome sequencing. Kristin sits on New Zealand National Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Committee, which was formed in late 2017 to provide expert advice to New Zealand diagnostic laboratories and to further the collaboration and sharing of skill development in the area of antimicrobial susceptibility testing within New Zealand.