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Katrina Betty

Katrina Betty is a Senior Technician in the Auckland Forensic Service Centre.


Katrina gained her Bachelors degree in biology and masters in forensic science and technology from The University of Auckland.


In the Service Centre, she works with the team to cover the detection, collection, screening and analysis of items in the laboratory and at crime scenes for trace elements, body fluids and other forensically relevant evidence. Before she got her job as a senior technician, she worked in the Service Centre as a cleaner where she cleaned labs and scene kits while she was completing her Master of Science. This job was a great way for her to get to know the people that work at ESR and some of the processes that are used here. She completed her MSc under the supervision of Sally-Ann Harbison and Alicia Haines on the detection of latent DNA in finger marks using Diamond Nucleic Acid dye. She looked at different applications of diamond dye on various non-porous surfaces to see if it can be applied in an easier way and if different surfaces affect the visualisation of latent DNA and the subsequent DNA typing. As this is a screening technique, it has helped her with some basic knowledge that is useful for her current role as a senior technician. In the time she has been in this role, Katrina has enjoyed learning how the service centre works and getting experience in the many tasks and roles a senior technician has in the Service Centre.