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Cris Ardouin

Cris Ardouin is a Senior Scientist in ESR's National Centre for Radiation Science and is one of our experts in radiation safety and security.


Cris spent the early part of his career as a Health Physicist in the British nuclear power industry before coming to New Zealand in 2000. At ESR, Cris's role is senior radiation safety and security inspector for the highest risk category radioactive sources and x-ray generators used across industries throughout the country. He provides expert radiological safety and security advice to government and other stakeholders. ESR's inspection programme is carried out on behalf of the regulatory authority - the Ministry of Health's Office of Radiation Safety. Radiation safety training is also a big part of Cris's role. This includes working with partners in New Zealand and internationally to strengthen the best practice knowledge and practices related to the management of radioactive material in their own countries. ESR hosts a group of visiting scientists from nine Pacific Islands to take part in radiation training. Cris also plays a lead role in national radiation emergency response plan. He provides training and exercises for Defence, Public Health Units and Emergency Services and was deployed to the New Zealand Embassy in Tokyo immediately after Fukushima to advise on the emerging situation. Cris is also the New Zealand representative for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for international radiation safety standards committees for Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPReSC) and Transport Safety Standards (TRANSSC). He has been part of multiple IAEA expert missions in Asia Pacific in radiation safety, security, emergency preparedness and response and transport of radioactive material. Cris Ardouin is an expert in radiation safety and security.