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Beverley Horn


Beverley has a PhD Computational and Applied Mathematics from the University of Canterbury


Beverley works on and leads a broad range of projects which involve the collation of different data sources and types to improve understanding of risks to human health from microbial or chemical hazards associated with food, recreational water or environmental exposures. Her skills and experience include, quantitative risk assessments, risk ranking, risk profiling, predictive modelling of pathogen concentrations through the farm to fork food chain or in the environment, epidemiological studies, disease surveillance reporting and statistical support. Her work includes projects with the Red Meat, Poultry and Dairy sectors, Government Ministries and the New Zealand Food Safety Science and Research Centre. Beverley’s interests include: · Improving surveillance reporting, understanding of pathways, and source attribution for diseases which are potentially foodborne. · Improving understanding of the risk to human health from pathogens during water recreational activities. · How to effectively communicate the risk to human health, including associated uncertainties from the risk analysis. · Reducing the human health risk and waste produced following environmental disasters such as floods.