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Andrew Pearson

Andy Pearson is a senior groundwater scientist.


Andy earned his PhD in environmental geochemistry from the University of Waikato.


Andy’s research focuses on determining and remediating the impacts of land use (particularly nitrate pollution) and waste disposal on Aotearoa New Zealand’s groundwater quality. Andy aims to use research findings to assist resource management decision-making and inform approaches to environmental and public health protection. Andy is committed to producing robust science that can be applied to real-world problems: “In Aotearoa, groundwater is taonga. Groundwater provides us with water for drinking and irrigation, and feeds many of our springs, lakes, rivers, and streams. Yet, unlike lakes and rivers, groundwater isn’t visible on the surface, so we can’t easily see that our activities can have major ramifications for our aquifers. As a groundwater scientist, it’s my job to research contamination in the subsurface and collaborate with others to develop methods for monitoring and improving our groundwater quality”, he says. Prior to joining ESR, Andy gained experience in academic research and public-sector science. Andy worked as a Groundwater Scientist at Environment Canterbury, where he wrote and contributed to technical reports on groundwater quality and provided groundwater technical advice to Consents Planners and decision-makers. In 2020, Andy gained a PhD in environmental geochemistry from the University of Waikato. His project focused on dissolved organic matter, trace element geochemistry and paleo-environmental reconstructions using speleothems (cave carbonates).