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Second series of Forensics NZ premieres on Prime TV

09 April 2018

Forensicsdoco2 2018
Forensicsdoco2 2018

This hard hitting documentary looks at the investigations that have helped solve real crimes committed in New Zealand.

With support from both ESR’s forensic team, and the NZ Police, each episode takes the viewer through the investigation as it unfolded and the various pieces of the puzzle that helped solve the case.

For ESR, the series is an opportunity to show how forensic science can reveal hidden clues from a crime scene. In each episode, our experts take the viewer through the various facets of this complex science, from blood spatter analysis, toxicology, ballistics and latent shoeprints to advanced forensic technology such as laser scanning and DNA analysis.

For those interested in real life crime investigations, and understanding the story behind the headlines, be sure to catch Forensics NZ Season 2, Prime TV, Sundays at 8:30pm.