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HCV RNA PCR (quantitative)

Bloodborne Virus Laboratory

This test is used to determine if circulating HCV RNA is present.


Health Science

Lab name

Bloodborne Virus Laboratory

Lab location

Wallaceville Science Centre, Upper Hutt

Test name

HCV RNA PCR (quantitative)


Hepatitis C virus

Requested for surveillance


Notice required


Routine turnaround time

10 working days

Culture requirements

Sterile serum or plasma (SST or EDTA only) ≥ 1000 µL volume

Pre-transport requirements

5 ± 3°C or -20°C for less than 24 hours

Transport requirements

5 ± 3°C or -20°C within 24 hours

Unacceptable sample types

Insufficient sample < 1000 µL

How results reported


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