Hepatitis A genotyping

Registry Details

Area Health Science
Lab name Enteric, Environmental and Food Virology Laboratory
Lab location Kenepuru Science Centre, Porirua
Test name Hepatitis A genotyping
Organisms Hepatitis A virus
Requested for surveillance yes
Notice required no
Culture requirements Serum/ EDTA plasma obtained from all acute cases, diagnosed by positive IgM serology (in the absence of HAV vaccination in the preceding 12 weeks) or by detection of HAV by PCR/NAT. Minimum volume 0.25 mL. Where possible, a faecal specimen should also be collected. Minimum 0.25 g or 0.25 mL.
Pre-transport requirements Store serum or EDTA plasma at 5 ± 3°C for less than 24 hours, otherwise freeze at -20°C or -70°C. Store faecal specimen at 5 ± 3°C for up to 5 days, otherwise freeze at -20°C.
Transport requirements Standard biohazard packaging. Refrigerated specimen should be shipped on cold packs where possible. Ship same day or overnight. Include EpiSurv case and/or outbreak number.
Unacceptable sample types Specimens received without a form, with insufficient material to analyse, or in poorly labelled or leaking containers will not be tested. Insufficient sample (< 0.25 g or < 0.25 mL faecal material, or < 0.25 mL serum/plasma) may be rejected. Haemolysed specimens are not accepted.
How results reported Report will state the genotype identified.
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