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The effect of annealing on the variation of glass refractive index


The variation of refractive index (RI) over a non-toughened, float pane of glass and a toughened, float pane of glass was investigated. The two panes of colourless, float glass were cut into 150 5 cm × 5 cm squares. The pre- and post-annealing RI values from three random areas from each square were measured. Bayesian statistical hierarchical modelling of the results showed that for the non-toughened, float glass pane annealing increased the variability in RI by a factor of 1.29–1.58, with a mean of 1.43 (with 95% probability); and for the toughened, float pane of glass annealing decreased the variability in RI by a factor of 0.63–0.76, with a mean of 0.69 (with 95% probability). In addition it was found that although there were no systematic differences in ΔRI across either pane of glass, there were observable differences across both panes of glass. These results provide information regarding the expected RI variation over entire panes of both non-toughened and toughened float window glass for both pre- and post-annealing RI measurements.

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