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Surveillance for Influenza Using Hospital Discharge Data May Underestimate the Burden of Influenza-Related Hospitalization


The data from this small study are quite limited but deserve further investigation, especially when considering hospital risk factors (Table 1). These risk factors have not been extensively evaluated in the literature. To expand our understanding of PICC infections, we have implemented a prospective trial involving close, concurrent monitoring of a cohort of patients who received a PICC in the hospital, for the life of the PICC. We are further analyzing characteristics identified in this retrospective study as potential risk factors, including out-of-hospital care of a PICC, duration that a PICC is in place, and comorbid conditions including paralysis, recent surgery, receipt of immunosuppressive agents, and obesity. PICC use has become a mainstay in health care, and associated complications tie directly to patient safety and quality. As modifiable risk factors are identified, we anticipate that attempts can be made to correct these risks to improve patient care and safety in both the inpatient and outpatient environments.

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