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STR profiling of epithelial cells identified by X/Y-FISH


During the investigation of allegations of sexual assault, samples are frequently encountered that contain DNA from a female and a male donor. These may represent contributions of DNA from the complainant and potentially, the offender. Many semen stained samples successfully undergo DNA analysis and interpretation using a differential extraction method that separates sperm from the epithelial cells present in the stain. However, for those mixed cell samples that contain only epithelial cells, separation of any male cells from female cells is problematic. This paper describes the application of fluorescent in situ hybridisation (FISH) for the gender identification of epithelial cells and subsequent recovery of target cells using laser microdissection (LMD). The profiling results obtained from samples of known cell numbers using the Identifiler™ multiplex at standard 28-cycle PCR conditions and, when cell numbers are low, the SGM Plus™ multiplex at elevated 34-cycle PCR conditions (also known as Low Copy Number DNA analysis (LCN)) are described.

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