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Human salmonella isolates 2007

01 January 2007

Enteric reference testing

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Annual summary 2007

There were 1341 human Salmonella isolates confirmed in 2007 (2006 n= 1404).  S. Typhimurium phage type 160 remains the predominant strain, representing 11.3% of total isolates (18.5% 2006).  S. Typhimurium phage type 1 and S. Infantis have increased to 6.8% (5% 2006) and 6.4% (4% 2006) respectively.

There were four significant outbreaks:

S. Typhimurium phage type 156 - 18 cases connected to a privately catered function.
S. Montevideo - 7 cases connected to a Wellington food premise.
S. Chester - 25 cases with no common food source identified.
S. Enteritidis phage type 26 - 6 cases connected to a privatley catered function.