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Emergence of a multidrug-resistant and virulent Streptococcus pneumoniae lineage mediates serotype replacement after PCV13: an international whole-genome sequencing study.


Serotype 24F was identified in numerous countries mainly due to the clonal spread of three lineages: GPSC10 (CC230), GPSC16 (CC156), and GPSC206 (CC7701). GPSC10 was the only multidrug-resistant lineage. GPSC10 drove the increase in 24F in France and had high invasive disease potential. The international dataset of GPSC10 (n=888) revealed that this lineage expressed 16 other serotypes, with only six included in 13-valent PCV (PCV13). All serotype 24F isolates were clustered in a single clade within the GPSC10 phylogeny and long-range transmissions were detected from Europe to other continents. Spatiotemporal analysis showed GPSC10-24F took 3–5 years to spread across France and a rapid change of serotype composition from PCV13 serotype 19A to 24F during the introduction of PCV13 was observed in neighbouring country Spain.

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