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Developmental validation of an enhanced mRNA-based multiplex system for body fluid and cell type identification.


Human bodily samples were obtained from healthy volunteers with full informed consent. Samples for specificity testing included circulatory blood, liquid saliva, semen (containing spermatozoa), azoospermic seminal fluid, menstrual fluid, and vaginal material for RNA, as well as blood from a male individual for DNA. Donors were between 24 and 53 years of age and included males and females for circulatory blood and saliva. Blood was placed on sterile Cultiplast® rayon swabs (LP Italiana SPA, Milano, Italy) in aliquots between 5.0 and 0.05 μL. Saliva and semen were deposited on swabs in aliquots of 10.0–0.25 μL, and 2.0–0.25 μL, respectively. Semen donors included two azoospermic individuals (vasectomised). MF and VM were obtained by volunteers themselves using swabs provided for them. Volunteers donating semen, MF, or VM were asked to abstain from sexual intercourse for one week prior to sample collection. A total of 120 human samples was collected for this study.

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