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Climate Change Scenarios for the Health Sector


Climate change is widely recognised as the single greatest threat to human health and wellbeing. Increasingly frequent and intense climate events have broad impacts on our environments, placing greater stress on our health directly, as well as the health system’s ability to provide services. Responding to climate change also presents opportunities and a wide range of health co-benefits. Our vision is for a sustainable and resilient health system that delivers equitable health outcomes. Understanding and planning for the impacts of climate change risk and greenhouse gas emissions reduction are a core dimension of high-quality healthcare. In setting out sector climate scenarios, this document encourages those in the healthcare sector to consider the risks and opportunities they face from a changing climate, and how their sector or organisation could respond. Whiria to tangata. There has been a weaving together of the wide range views of the risks and opportunities for the sector and what the most relevant drivers are for us consider within these scenarios.