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A manual and automated method for the forensic analysis of DNA from buccal samples on Whatman Indicating FTA Elute Cards


An optimised method for elution of DNA from FTA Elute Cards for both manual and automated processing on Hamilton Nimbus liquid handling robots is described. Variations to the manufacturers' recommended protocol including elution reagent, incubation time and the number of sample card punches were investigated. TE Buffer was the preferred elution and storage medium for the DNA extracts. The addition of 10% proteinase K (1 mg/ml) was shown to significantly improve DNA yields. Incubation time was minimised with no adverse affect on the quality of the DNA profile achieved, reducing the overall processing time. This simplified and automated extraction method has contributed to a significant decrease in rework rate, and facilitated improved turnaround times for sample processing within the New Zealand National DNA Databank.

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