Radiation Science

ESR protects New Zealand’s people, environment and industries by supporting the safe and beneficial use of radiation and radioactive materials.

Our experts work across a wide range of sectors to provide advice, services and research capability on public, occupational and medical exposure to radiation, performance assessment of radiation protection equipment, and the measurement of naturally occurring low-level radiation and radioactivity.

Through our National Centre for Radiation Science (NCRS) we can help employers protect their employees through specialised or tailored training courses and equipment calibration while our Personal Dosimetry Service offers a way to measure and record the ionising radiation doses employees are exposed to in the workplace to help ensure that recommended dose limits are not exceeded.

We work with both private and public sector clients to help them solve their problems and protect the production and export of their products.

We have connections to and strong working relationships with global authorities and agencies, and are the preferred supplier of radiological science services to the Ministry of Health.