ESR is New Zealand’s Crown Research Institute that specialises in science relating to people and communities.

It’s our science that helps safeguard people’s health, protect food-based economies, improve the safety of freshwater and groundwater resources, and contributes expert forensic science to justice systems. See the positive impact our work has

Latest news

What started as an email inquiry a couple of years ago has landed ESR a contract to provide environmental background radioactivity monitoring in Hong Kong. ESR goes to Hong Kong.

A machine called AECL Theratron T-80 Teletherapy, containing a radioactive source (Co-60), historically used for cancer treatment of patients in New Zealand, and more recently used to calibrate radiation measurement equipment, was decommissioned by ESR and sent back to its Australian manufacturer. Watch the journey. (external link)

New testing of wastewater in Christchurch and Auckland’s Rosedale treatment plant will give Police a better picture of the prevalence of drug use in the community. ESR is analysing water samples for chemical compounds of methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, MDMA (ecstasy) and Alpha-PVP, the latest form of "bath salts" to hit the country. Watch here (external link)

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