Forensic Science

It’s often science that solves a complicated puzzle and brings clarity to what was previously only theory and rumour.

When decisions have to be made that have a major effect on people and organisations, ESR provides precise, independent and trustworthy results, regardless of their eventual outcome.

Our expert crime scene scientists, drug chemists, physical evidence specialists, toxicologists and biologists are equipped with the latest technology and knowledge and work behind the scenes to support New Zealand’s justice and security sectors.

Our forensic laboratories are accredited by the Laboratory Accreditation Board of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors. The quality of our forensic work is our top priority and accreditation ensures our quality management system meets the highest international standards for forensic laboratories

As well as the analysis of human tissue, crime scene trace evidence, bodily samples and any other evidential material, our comprehensive knowledge of the presence and interpretation of DNA is utilised across the country and around the world.

We are the sole forensic science provider to the New Zealand Police and also provide services for other Government agencies including Customs and Defence. We undertake forensic work for other parties including lawyers, commercial companies and private individuals.

Read our publication Forensic: Crime Science & Intelligence [PDF, 2.4 MB] for a snapshot of ESR's work in across the field of forensic science.