Poliovirus neutralising antibody detection

Registry Details

Area Health Science
Lab name Clinical Virology Laboratory
Lab location NCBID Wallaceville
Test name Poliovirus neutralising antibody detection
Organisms Neutralising antibodies against poliovirus (family: Picornaviridae; Genus: Enterovirus; Groups: Poliovirus types 1-3)
Requested for surveillance no
Notice required yes
Culture requirements Single serum sample with minimum of 1 ml is required for measuring polio neutralising antibody titres. Paired sera are required for an AFP patient. The acute serum should be collected at the onset. The convalescent serum should be collected at least 14
Pre-transport requirements ± 3oC within 24 hours
Transport requirements ± 3oC within 24 hours
How results reported Report will state poliovirus neutralising antibody titres for the specimen. There is no charge for AFP surveillance or outbreak investigation. There is a charge for other purposes.
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