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ESR's scientists, using our accredited laboratories, undertake a range of testing. Find out more below.

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Campylobacter typing

Campylobacteriosis is the most commonly reported cause of human bacterial gastroenteritis in the world. 

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Cosmetics testing

Our specialised team provides independent cosmetics testing and analytical services to local and international clients.

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DNA profiling

After 60 years of DNA discovery, DNA profiling continues to revolutionise forensic science and the investigation of crime worldwide.

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Drug and alcohol testing

ESR scientists can identify a wide range of illicit substances and analyse a range of biological specimens to determine the presence of drugs, alcohol and poisons.

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Environmental and food virology

ESR's environmental and food virology laboratory offers a range of testing services and can conduct investigations into viral contamination.

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Food testing

ESR’s expertise, relationships and track record stretches across every food production sector in New Zealand. No one else in the country undertakes a broader range of research and investigation in food safety than us. We can also provide advice to help...

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Forensic analysis

ESR forensic scientists are specialists in examining crime scenes. Our scientists are called on 24 hours a day, seven days a week to attend crime scenes and detect and gather evidence for the NZ Police.

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Health testing

ESR experts work with bacteria and viruses that cause human disease, referred to as pathogenic. The mode of transmission of these pathogenic microbes can be from person-to-person, through contact with animals or, within health care facilities.

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Legionella sampling and testing

Legionellosis is a sometimes fatal respiratory disease that follows infection with Legionella, a bacterium widely distributed in soil and water sources throughout New Zealand.

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Natural health product testing

Our specialised team provides independent testing of natural health products, herbal products and complementary medicines for both local and international clients.

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Pharmaceutical testing

ESR’s pharmaceutical team has extensive experience in the analysis of medicines, and other therapeutic products, using a comprehensive range of methods and testing approaches.

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Product screening

The adulteration or ‘spiking’ of foods, natural health products, and herbal preparations with drugs and prescription medicines is becoming a real issue in New Zealand.

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Radiation monitoring

ESR offers a range of services for determining radioactivity content in a range of sample types such as food, water, soil, sediment, mining ore and products, environmental biota, sediment and air samples.

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Water quality

ESR supports health authorities, local and central government, industry and communities by supplying water testing services as well as advice and expertise on the management of drinking water, groundwater, recreational and wastewater.

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Workplace drug testing

ESR’s workplace drug and alcohol testing detects certain drugs, or their metabolites, in urine samples.

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