How to search the NZRM online catalogue

The NZRM (New Zealand Reference Culture Collection, Medical Section) Catalogue is now available as a searchable database. Use the guidelines below to search for cultures.

The search engine for the online catalogue can combine up to four search queries using four different search fields

  • NZRM strain number
  • Element Name
  • Other collections
  • Status

Search by the NZRM number

Using the “NZRM strain number” query, leave the default search method on “Contains” and enter the NZRM number to find your strain e.g. 916.

Searching by organism name

Using the “NameElement name” query, leave the default search method on “Starts with…” and type in the genus and species of the organism e.g. Escherichia coli. If you know the species name and not the genus, then change the search method to “Contains” and type in the species name e.g. coli. Shortened organism names like E. coli will not return any results if entered into the field.

Searching by status

The status field contains information of strain characteristics and usage of the strains. Use the “status” to search for specific characteristics of interest to your search. Leave the default search methodology on contains and then type key words relating to your characteristics e.g. MRSA, CLSI etc.

Combining search queries

You can choose to narrow down your search by including more search queries, or widen your search using less search queries. You can add or remove more queries using the + / - buttons to the left of the queries.

Viewing the whole catalogue

To view the entire online catalogue leave all the search queries on default without entering any search terms or values into the queries and click search.

As this is a living document, data will continue to be added to the catalogue as they are readily available. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us and we can help you find the culture you want.

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