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ESR provides the Ministry of Health with scientific advice and expertise on the management of drinking water, groundwater, recreational water and wastewater. Find some of our reports on water quality below. Please note, this page does not reflect all work ESR has completed for the Ministry of Health. 

2014: Public health risk assessment of sewage disposal by onsite wastewater treatment and disposal systems in the Darfield and Kirwee Communities [PDF, 795 KB]

This report was undertaken to provide the Ministry of Health with information to better understand the public health risk associated with the onsite treatment and disposal of sewage in Selwyn. 

2015: Non-achievement of the Drinking water Standards for New Zealand [PDF, 1.2 MB]

This report was created for the Ministry of Health to gain a better understanding of the reasons for nonachievement of the E. coli (Escherichia coli) and chemical requirements of the Standards.

2018: Report on a survey of New Zealand drinking-water supplies for arsenic and nitrate [PDF, 2 MB]

The survey reported here was undertaken to provide the Ministry of Health with an update of information on arsenic and nitrate in New Zealand networked drinking water supplies because of changes in our understanding of risk factors leading to arsenic in water supplies, and land-use changes possibly influencing nitrate concentrations.

2018: Non-achievement of the Drinking-water Standards for New Zealand: E. coli transgressions [PDF, 974 KB]

This report was undertaken for the Ministry of Health to review data from the annual survey of drinking water quality to see if there was evidence that maintaining a chlorine residual could overcome occasional E. coli transgressions, and evidence of the cause of these transgressions.