ESR's scientists, supported by a rich research background, provide a range of consultancy services to our clients. Find out more below.

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3D data visualisation and data analysis.

New Zealand is a world-leader in capturing 3D full colour, photo realistic and dimensionally accurate record of any environment whether it be a food plant, a factory, building infrastructure or even a crime scene. 


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Biowaste solutions

ESR leads the Centre for Integrated Biowaste Research (CIBR), a collaborative programme delivering innovative solutions for the sustainable re-use of biowastes. CIBR combines the expertise of 10 New Zealand research institutes, universities and research partners.

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Bloodstain pattern analysis training

Bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA) is the science of studying the bloody aftermath of violent crime and accidents to help investigators gather evidence to support the course of justice.

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Climate change and environmental health

The effects of climate change will be wide ranging and are expected to have major effects on our health and environment. Scientists, industry and communities must work together if society is to adapt to the changing climate.

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Flu surveillance and research

ESR's multi-disciplinary team of scientists work together to monitor flu trends, advise the health sector, and address critical questions regarding the epidemiology, costs, virology, and immunology of influenza and other respiratory viruses.

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Food investigations

The aim of a Food Forensic investigation is to determine the what, how and when of food safety and quality issues.

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Forensic R&D

ESR researchers, as well as our staff involved in forensic casework, undertake a number of forensic research and development projects.

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Forensic training and consultancy

ESR provides training for forensic scientists, Police scene-of-crime officers, Police investigators and other law enforcement agencies in New Zealand and around the world.

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Genomics and next generation sequencing

Genomics is a fast moving field, where changes in DNA sequencing technologies are generating more detailed data on life’s basic building blocks.

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Groundwater science in New Zealand

Forty percent of people in New Zealand rely on groundwater for their drinking water, yet that water is vulnerable to contamination. 

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Epidemiological skills development programme

ESR’s epidemiological skills development programme provides training and development of personnel to enhance New Zealand’s ability to investigate and respond to infectious disease events.

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Pacific consultancy

ESR assists the Pacific region with scientific expertise, information and tools to strengthen policy, programmes and practice to achieve healthy, safe and resilient communities.

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Pharmaceutical, natural health product and cosmetic regulatory services

ESR’s Pharmaceutical team specialises in the provision of regulatory services to support clients from a range of sectors including local manufacturers and importers, biotechnology companies and clinical trial organisations.

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Public health surveillance

ESR’s internationally renowned experts collect, collate and analyse data and intelligence on a wide range of diseases present in New Zealand.

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Radiation training and consultancy

ESR protects New Zealand’s people, environment and industries by supporting the safe and beneficial use of radiation and radioactive materials.

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Social systems

ESR’s social systems team applies extensive expertise and experience to help decision-makers address challenging and intractable problems with high levels of complexity and

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Water quality and sanitation

ESR provides health authorities, local and central government, industry and communities with scientific advice and expertise on the management of drinking water, groundwater, recreational water and wastewater.

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Faecal Source Tracking

When waterways become contaminated with faeces, identifying the source of the pollution is an important part of the contamination management strategy.

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Primary Prevention in Public and Environmental Health (P3EH)

Public health personnel work collaboratively with a range of organisations to support health through prevention. 

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