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INVESTIGATIVE GENETICS Benton, MC; Stuart, S; Bellis, C; Macartney-Coxson, D; Eccles, D; Curran, JE; Chambers, G; Blangero, J; Lea, RA; Grffiths, LR Health Science 2015 Details
Some Challenges Posed by Coal Bed Methane Regional Assessment Modeling GROUNDWATER Moore, CR; Doherty, J; Howell, S; Erriah, L Water Science 2015 Details
Changes in saxitoxin-production through growth phases in the metaphytic cyanobacterium Scytonema cf. crispum TOXICON Harland, F; Wood, SA; Broady, P; Williamson, W; Gaw, S Food Science 2015 Details
A surface plasmon resonance assay for measurement of neuraminidase inhibition, sensitivity of wild-type influenza neuraminidase and its H274Y mutant to the antiviral drugs zanamivir and oseltamivir JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR RECOGNITION Somasundaram, B; Fee, CJ; Fredericks, R; Watson, AJA; Fairbanks, AJ; Hall, RJ Health Science 2015 Details
Estimating the contribution of influenza to hospitalisations in New Zealand from 1994 to 2008 VACCINE Khieu, TQT; Pierse, N; Telfar-Barnard, LF; Huang, QS; Baker, MG Health Science 2015 Details
Epidemiological and virological characteristics of influenza B: results of the Global Influenza B Study INFLUENZA AND OTHER RESPIRATORY VIRUSES Caini, S; Huang, QS; Ciblak, MA; Kusznierz, G; Owen, R; Wangchuk, S; Henriques, CMP; Njouom, R; Fasce, RA; Yu, HJ; Feng, LZ; Zambon, M; Clara, AW; Kosasih, H; Puzelli, S; Kadjo, HA; Emukule, G; Heraud, JM; Ang, LW; Venter, M; Mironenko, A; Brammer, L; Mai, LTQ; Schellevis, F; Plotkin, S; Paget, J Health Science 2015 Details
Estimation of Optimal Groundwater Substitution Volumes Using a Distributed Parameter Groundwater Model and Prediction Uncertainty Analysis WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Sreekanth, J; Moore, C; Wolf, L Water Science 2015 Details