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At ESR, we undertake research, both independently and with partners, that makes a real difference to the lives of people in New Zealand and around the world. Supported by a dedicated Research Office, our research scientists are leaders in their field and utilise their applied science knowledge to their research programmes. 

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Title Source Authors Department Year Link
Serum bilirubin concentration is modified by UGT1A1 Haplotypes and influences risk of Type-2 diabetes in the Norfolk Island genetic isolate BMC GENETICS Benton, MC; Lea, RA; Macartney-Coxson, D; Bellis, C; Carless, MA; Curran, JE; Hanna, M; Eccles, D; Chambers, GK; Blangero, J; Griffiths, LR Health Science 2015 Details
World Health Organization Global Estimates and Regional Comparisons of the Burden of Foodborne Disease in 2010 PLOS MEDICINE Havelaar, AH; Kirk, MD; Torgerson, PR; Gibb, HJ; Hald, T; Lake, RJ; Praet, N; Bellinger, DC; De Silva, NR; Gargouri, N; Speybroeck, N; Cawthorne, A; Mathers, C; Stein, C; Angulo, FJ; Devleesschauwer, B Food Science 2015 Details
A novel, element-based approach for the objective classification of bloodstain patterns FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL Arthur, RM; Cockerton, SL; de Bruin, KG; Taylor, MC Forensic Science 2015 Details
Uncertainty in the number of contributors in the proposed new CODIS set FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL-GENETICS Coble, MD; Bright, JA; Buckleton, JS; Curran, JM Forensic Science 2015 Details
Time for DNA Database Disclosure Response JOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES Moretti, TR; Budowle, B; Buckleton, JS Forensic Science 2015 Details
M-Protein Analysis of Streptococcus pyogenes Isolates Associated with Acute Rheumatic Fever in New Zealand JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY Williamson, DA; Smeesters, PR; Steer, AC; Steemson, JD; Ng, ACH; Proft, T; Fraser, JD; Baker, MG; Morgan, J; Carter, PE; Moreland, NJ Health Science 2015 Details
Ecological impacts of long-term application of biosolids to a radiata pine plantation SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT Xue, JM; Kimberley, MO; Ross, C; Gielen, G; Tremblay, LA; Champeau, O; Horswell, J; Wang, HL Water Science 2015 Details
A transdisciplinary approach to local waste management in New Zealand: Addressing interrelated challenges through indigenous partnership FUTURES Goven, J; Langer, ER; Baker, V; Ataria, J; Leckie, A Social Systems 2015 Details
A Phenomic Scan of the Norfolk Island Genetic Isolate Identifies a Major Pleiotropic Effect Locus Associated with Metabolic and Renal Disorder Markers PLOS GENETICS Benton, MC; Lea, RA; Macartney-Coxson, D; Hanna, M; Eccles, DA; Carless, MA; Chambers, GK; Bellis, C; Goring, HH; Curran, JE; Harper, JL; Gibson, G; Blangero, J; Griffiths, LR Health Science 2015 Details
Identifying avian sources of faecal contamination using sterol analysis ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT Devane, ML; Wood, D; Chappell, A; Robson, B; Webster-Brown, J; Gilpin, BJ Food Science 2015 Details