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Title Source Authors Department Year Link
Risk Profile: Toxoplasma gondii in red meat and meat products Cressey P, Lake R Food Science 2015 Details
Exploring the role of contextual information in bloodstain pattern analysis: A qualitative approach FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL Osborne, NKP; Taylor, MC; Zajac, R Forensic Science 2016 Details
Microbial transport into groundwater from irrigation: Comparison of two irrigation practices in New Zealand SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT Weaver, L; Karki, N; Mackenzie, M; Sinton, L; Wood, D; Flintoft, M; Havelaar, P; Close, M Water Science 2016 Details
The effect of lignite on nitrogen mobility in a low-fertility soil amended with biosolids and urea SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT Paramashivam, D; Clough, TJ; Carlton, A; Gough, K; Dickinson, N; Horswell, J; Sherlock, RR; Clucas, L; Robinson, BH Water Science 2016 Details
Influenza vaccine effectiveness for hospital and community patients using control groups with and without non-influenza respiratory viruses detected, Auckland, New Zealand 2014 VACCINE Pierse, N; Kelly, H; Thompson, MG; Bissielo, A; Radke, S; Huang, QS; Baker, MG; Turner, N Health Science 2016 Details
World Health Organization Estimates of the Relative Contributions of Food to the Burden of Disease Due to Selected Foodborne Hazards: A Structured Expert Elicitation PLOS ONE Hald, T; Aspinall, W; Devleesschauwer, B; Cooke, R; Corrigan, T; Havelaar, AH; Gibb, HJ; Torgerson, PR; Kirk, MD; Angulo, FJ; Lake, RJ; Speybroeck, N; Hoffmann, S Food Science 2016 Details
Effectiveness of seasonal influenza vaccine in preventing influenza primary care visits and hospitalisation in Auckland, New Zealand in 2015: interim estimates EUROSURVEILLANCE Bissielo, A; Pierse, N; Huang, Q; Thompson, M; Kelly, H; Mishin, V; Turner, N Health Science 2016 Details
Effect of Pine Waste and Pine Biochar on Nitrogen Mobility in Biosolids JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY Paramashivam, D; Clough, TJ; Dickinson, NM; Horswell, J; Lense, O; Clucas, L; Robinson, BH Water Science 2016 Details
A chest radiograph scoring system in patients with severe acute respiratory infection: a validation study BMC MEDICAL IMAGING Taylor, E; Haven, K; Reed, P; Bissielo, A; Harvey, D; McArthur, C; Bringans, C; Freundlich, S; Ingram, RJH; Perry, D; Wilson, F; Milne, D; Modahl, L; Huang, QS; Gross, D; Widdowson, MA; Grant, CC Health Science 2015 Details
Methodological Framework for World Health Organization Estimates of the Global Burden of Foodborne Disease PLOS ONE Devleesschauwer, B; Haagsma, JA; Angulo, FJ; Bellinger, DC; Cole, D; Dopfer, D; Fazil, A; Fevre, EM; Gibb, HJ; Hald, T; Kirk, MD; Lake, RJ; de Noordhout, CM; Mathers, CD; McDonald, SA; Pires, SM; Speybroeck, N; Thomas, MK; Torgerson, PR; Wu, F; Havelaar, AH; Praet, N Food Science 2015 Details