Ngā rangahau kua whakaputaina / Published research

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Registry for ResearchPublication


Title Source Authors Department Year Link
Marked Campylobacteriosis Decline after Interventions Aimed at Poultry, New Zealand Emerging Infectious Diseases, 17(6):1007-1015 A. Sears, M. G. Baker, N. Wilson, J. Marshall, P. Muellner, D. M. Campbell, R. J. Lake and N. P. French 2011 Details
An investigation into the variability of the refractive index of glass: Part II- The effect of debris contamination Forensic Science International, 204(41699):182-185 A. W. N. Newton 2011 Details
Electronic Sentinel Surveillance of Influenza-like Illness Experience from a pilot study in New Zealand Applied Clinical Informatics Adnan, M; Peterkin, D; Lopez, L; Mackereth, G Health Science 2017 Details
Modelling the effects of contact angle hysteresis on the sliding of droplets down inclined surfaces European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids Ahmed, G, Sellier M, Jermy M, Taylor M Forensic Science 2014 Details
Background levels of male DNA in the vaginal cavity Forensic Science International - Genetics Albani, PP; Patel, J; Fleming, RI Forensic Science 2018 Details
An image-processing methodology for extracting bloodstain pattern features Forensic Science International Arthur, R.M., Humburg, P.J., Hoogenboom, J., (...), Taylor, M.C., de Bruin, K.G. Forensic Science 2017 Details
A novel, element-based approach for the objective classification of bloodstain patterns FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL Arthur, RM; Cockerton, SL; de Bruin, KG; Taylor, MC Forensic Science 2015 Details
An image-processing methodology for extracting bloodstain pattern features Forensic Science International Arthur, RM; Humburg, PJ; Hoogenboom, J; Baiker, M; Taylor, MC; de Bruin, KG Forensic Science 2017 Details
Evaluating statistical model performance in water quality prediction Journal of Environmental Management Avila, R; Horn, B; Moriarty, E; Hodson, R; Moltchanova, E Water Science 2018 Details
Control of Listeria monocytogenes growth in a ready-to-eat poultry product using a bacteriophage Food microbiology, 28(8):1448-52 B. Bigot, W.-J. Lee, L. McIntyre, T. Wilson, J. A. Hudson, C. Billington and J. A. Heinemann 2011 Details