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Title Source Authors Department Year Link
Filtration and transport of Bacillus subtilis spores and the F-RNA phage MS2 in a coarse alluvial gravel aquifer: implications in the estimation of setback distances Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 77, 165-194. Pang, L., Close, M., Goltz, M., Noonan, M., Sinton. L. Water Science 2005 Details
A laboratory study of bacteria-facilitated cadmium transport in alluvial gravel aquifer media Journal of Environmental Quality, 34(1), 237-247. Pang, L., Close, M., Noonan, M., Flintoft, M., van den Brink, P Water Science 2005 Details
Field study of pesticide leaching in a Himatangi sand (Manawatu) and a Kiripaka bouldery clay loam (Northland) 2: Simulation using LEACHM, HYDRUS-1D, GLEAMS and SPASMO models. Australian Journal of Soil Research, 43, 471-489. Sarmah, A.K., Close, M. E., Pang, L., Lee, R., Green, S.R. Water Science 2005 Details
Tracing the movement of irrigated effluent into an alluvial gravel aquifer. Water, Air and Soil pollution, 166(1-4), 287-301. Sinton, L. W., Braithwaite, R. R., Hall, C. H., Pang, L., Close, M. E. Water Science 2005 Details
Evaluation of bacteria-facilitated cadmium transport in gravel columns using the HYDRUS colloid-facilitated solute transport model Water Resources Research, 42(12), W12S10, DOI:10.1029/2006WR004896. Pang, L., Šimůnek, J Water Science 2006 Details
Modelling the impact of clustered septic tank systems on groundwater quality. Vadose Zone Journal, 5, 599-609 Pang, L., Nokes, C., Šimůnek, J., Kikkert, H., Hector, R Water Science 2006 Details
Colloid-facilitated transport in variably-saturated porous media: numerical model and experimental verification Vadose Zone Journal, 5, 1035-1047. Šimůnek, J., He, C., Pang, L., Bradford, S. A. Water Science 2006 Details
Distance and flow effects on microsphere transport in a large gravel column. Journal of Environmental Quality, 35, 1204-1212. Doi: 10.2134/jeq2005.0286 Close, M. E., Pang, L., Flintoft, M. J., Sinton, L. W Water Science 2006 Details
Impact of data quality and model complexity on prediction of pesticide leaching Journal of Environmental Quality, 35, 628-640. Dann, R.L., Close, M. E., Lee, R., Pang, L 2006 Details
Parameter estimation through inverse modelling and comparison of four leaching models using experimental data from two contrasting pesticide field trials in New Zealand Australian Journal of Soil Research, 44, 581– 597. Sarmah, A. K., Close, M. E., Dann, R., Pang, L., Green, S. R. Water Science 2006 Details