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Registry for ResearchPublication


Title Source Authors Department Year Link
Cadmium in Groundwater: review of regional council data C.Nokes, L.Weaver Water Science 2014 Details
Biotin- and Glycoprotein-Coated Microspheres as Surrogates for Studying Filtration Removal of Cryptosporidium parvum in a Granular Limestone Aquifer Medium Applied and Environmental Microbiology 81(13). 1. Stevenson ME, Blaschke AP, Toze S, Sidhu JPS, Ahmed W, Van Driezum H, Sommer R, Kirschner AKT, Cervero-Aragó S, Farnleitner AH, Pang L. Water Science 2015 Details
Size exclusion-based purification and PCR-based quantitation of MS2 bacteriophage particles for environmental applications J. Virological Methods 213 (2015): 135–138. Farkas K, Varsani A, Marjoshi D, Easingwood R, McGilla E, Pang L Water Science 2015 Details
Adsorption of rotavirus, MS2 bacteriophage and surface-modified silica nanoparticles to hydrophobic matter Food Environ. Virol. DIO: 10.1007/s12560-014-9171-3. Farkas K, Varsani A, Pang L. Water Science 2014 Details
A gel filtration-based method for the purification of infectious rotavirus particles for environmental research applications Food Environ. Virol. 5(4): 231-235. Farkas K, Pang L, Lin S, Williamson W, Easingwood R, Fredericks R, Jaffer MA, Varsani A Water Science 2013 Details
Evaluating the effect of temperature induced water viscosity and density fluctuations on virus and DOC removal during river bank filtration – a scenario analysis River Systems 20: 169-183. Derx, J., Farnleitner, A. H., Zessner, M., Pang, L., Schijven, J., Blaschke, A. P Water Science 2013 Details
Effects of fluctuations in river water level on virus removal by bank filtration and aquifer passage — a scenario analysis Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 147: 34-44. Derx, J., Blaschke, A. P., Farnleitner, A. H., Pang, L., Blöschl, G., Schijven, J. F. Water Science 2013 Details
Transport of microbial tracers in clean and organically contaminated silica sand in laboratory columns compared with their transport in the field Science of the Total Environment 443: 55-64. Weaver, L., Sinton, L. W., Pang, L., Dann, R., Close, M. Water Science 2013 Details
Modifying the surface charge of pathogen-sized microspheres for studying pathogen transport in groundwater Journal of Environmental Quality, 38, 2210-2217. Pang, L., Nowostawska, U., Ryan, J. N., Williamson, W. M., Walshe, G., Hunter, K. A Water Science 2009 Details
Modeling transport of microbes in ten undisturbed soils under effluent irrigation Vadose Zone Journal, 7, 97-111. Pang, L., McLeod, M., Aislabie, J., Close, M., Hector, R Water Science 2008 Details