Ngā rangahau kua whakaputaina / Published research

At ESR, we undertake research, both independently and with partners, that makes a real difference to the lives of people in New Zealand and around the world. Supported by a dedicated Research Office, our research scientists are leaders in their field and utilise their applied science knowledge to their research programmes. 

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Registry for ResearchPublication


Title Source Authors Department Year Link
Contextual Bias: What Bloodstain Pattern Analysts Need to Know Journal of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts Zajac R, Osborne NK, Singley, L, Taylor, MC Forensic Science 2015 Details
Investigation of triclosan contamination on microbial biomass and other soil health indicators FEMS Microbiology Letters Zaayman, M; Siggins, A; Horne, D; Lowe, H; Horswell, J Water Science 2017 Details
The Reliability of Swipe/Wipe Classification and Directionality Determination Methods in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Journal of Forensic Sciences Yuen, SKY; Taylor, MC; Owens, G; Elliot, DA Forensic Science 2017 Details
Leprosy in New Zealand: an epidemiological update Yu R, Jarrett P, Holland D, Sherwood J, Pikholz C Health Science 2015 Details
Ecological impacts of long-term application of biosolids to a radiata pine plantation SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT Xue, JM; Kimberley, MO; Ross, C; Gielen, G; Tremblay, LA; Champeau, O; Horswell, J; Wang, HL Water Science 2015 Details
Ecological impacts of long-term application of biosolids to a radiata pine plantation Science of the Total Environment 530–531: 233–240 Xue J, Kimberley MO, Ross C, Gielen G, Tremblay LA, Champeau O, Horswell J, Wang H Water Science 2015 Details
Disease-associated Neisseria meningitidis isolates inhibit wound repair in respiratory epithelial cells in a Type IV pili-independent manner Infection and immunity X. Ren and J. K. MacKichan 2014 Details
Resilience?: Contested meanings and experiences in post-disaster Christchurch, New Zealand Kōtuitui: New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online Winstanley, A., Hepi, M & Wood, D. 2015 Details
Applying linear discriminant analysis to predict groundwater redox conditions conducive to denitrification Journal of Hydrology Wilson, SR; Close, ME; Abraham, P Water Science 2018 Details
M-Protein Analysis of Streptococcus pyogenes Isolates Associated with Acute Rheumatic Fever in New Zealand JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY Williamson, DA; Smeesters, PR; Steer, AC; Steemson, JD; Ng, ACH; Proft, T; Fraser, JD; Baker, MG; Morgan, J; Carter, PE; Moreland, NJ Health Science 2015 Details