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Ngā rangahau mātai take

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ARS Campylobacter jejuni

The Source Attribution of Campylobacteriosis in New Zealand Study (SACNZS)

The Source Assigned Campylobacteriosis in New Zealand Study (SACNZS) was designed to investiage how New Zealanders become infected with the Campylobacter bacterium. 

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Denitrification Wall 28 1

Innovative techniques for removing nitrate from groundwater

Woodchip can help reduce nitrate in water systems, through building woodchip bioreactors and through installation of woodchip permeable ‘walls’ buried into groundwater. 

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20210810 Drilling at Silverstream 51 1

Uncovering hidden water systems

Groundwater modelling can help us understand and manage our aquifers.

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vape liquid

Up in steam: ESR scientists reveal what's really in vape liquid

A groundbreaking vaping study indicates harmful bacteria, substances and chemicals are lurking in some vape products and are not being accurately reported on packaging.

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Groundwater sampling Golden Bay

Understanding the Groundwater Ecosystem

By understanding the role of key organisms in aquifer ecosystems, scientists from ESR and Auckland University are developing a groundwater health index to help manage and protect this taonga. 

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