Ngā Kete

Ngā Kete is a collection of public and secured data and analytic resources, from ESR's various science disciplines.

Ngā Kete login(external link)

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COVID insights 

The latest COVID-19 wastewater testing and genomic data from around Aotearoa New Zealand. No login required.

EARS(external link)

Early Aberration Reporting System (EARS) is a widely used surveillance tool that applies aberration detection algorithms to surveillance data and flags anomalies to help with the timely detection of disease outbreaks. Login required.

Éclair(external link)

ESR's Éclair is a secure repository enabling health testing laboratories around Aotearoa New Zealand to record test results for intelligence reporting. Login required.

EpiSurv(external link)

EpiSurv is the national notifiable disease surveillance database operated by ESR. It is secure web-based application that collates notifiable disease information in real-time. Login required.

Flu surveillance and research(external link)

In addition to tracking cases of acute respiratory illnesses and influenza, ESR experts characterise respiratory viruses and viral strains, assess the effectiveness of influenza control measures, and synthesise influenza surveillance data into intelligence. No login required.

NEDC(external link)

The National Environmental Data Centre (NEDC) brings together environment-related data from Aotearoa New Zealand's seven Crown Research Institutes, including ESR. No login required.

Public health surveillance(external link)

This website provides access to selected public health surveillance data and information from Aotearoa New Zealand. No login required.

STI Surveillance Dashboard(external link)

ESR scientists monitor the epidemiology of sexually transmitted infections (STI) and examine recent trends. Intelligence reports they prepare include information on the burden of syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhoea in Aotearoa New Zealand. No login required.

WellKiwis(external link)

Epidemiological data relating to transmission of influenza and other communicable illnessesses, gathered through the course of WellKiwis (SHIVERS) studies. No login required.

Other ESR websites(external link)