Steven Pyne

Chief Information Officer

Steve joined ESR in January 2013 as Chief Information Officer (CIO).

He has worked at the nexus of science and ICT support for a number of government and corporate organisations, including in his previous role as CIO for the Science and Innovation Group at the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment. Prior to that role, he was founding CIO at the Ministry of Science and Innovation where he was responsible for the strategy, implementation and operation of an entirely new ICT platform for the ministry.

At ESR, Steve’s first mission was to ensure the day-to-day ICT needs of the organisation were being met. “Productivity is the bottom line for any organisation, particularly in science and research where our teams need to be able to count on our systems at all times. For my team, because ICT service delivery is never static we always need to be one step ahead in areas like analytics and big data management.”

Steve has also worked to create an enabling ICT environment for ESR’s scientists.

“There are many exciting things happening in areas like omics and bioinfomatics. For our scientists to stay at the forefront of these fields, we have created a testing environment for them to work in,” he says.

As in his previous roles, Steve is driving change within the organisation to support the innovative work ESR is involved in. Recognised for his vision and leadership abilities, in 2012 he was selected as a finalist for the CIO Emerging ICT Leader award.

In his free time, Steve is a competitive athlete. An avid runner, he is currently training for an Ironman event.

“By nature I’m a problem solver,” Steve says. “In sports that means how can I shave a few seconds off a running time or calibrate my training to get the best results. In some ways it’s no different in ICT, I'm always looking for ways to improve how we do things and how we can get more out of our systems.”