Mark Ottaway

General Manager Strategy Implementation

Mark joined ESR in November 2020 and is ESR’s General Manager Strategy Implementation. Mark’s responsibilities include execution and refinement of the organisation’s strategic programmes,ESR’s project management, leading commercialisation, customer insights, investment frameworks and opportunity analysis.

Mark’s background includes extensive experience in executive management, sales, marketing and operations across a wide variety of companies and industries, including his own management consultancy. Prior to joining ESR, Mark was CEO of TOA Systems Inc., a US-based global technology company.

Mark previously spent over eight years at the Meteorological Service of New Zealand Ltd (MetService), including six years as Deputy CEO. While there, he was heavily involved in the commercial operations and marketing of MetService and its Metra subsidiary, a worldwide player in weather-related services across the energy, media and aviation sectors. Mark also managed MetService’s sales and marketing functions, product management and development, R&D, Information Technology, programme management, strategic planning, innovation programmes and service operations.

Mark holds a MA (Hons) from the University of Auckland and other post-graduate qualifications.