Naveena Karki

Naveena Karki is a Scientist at ESR in the Enteric Reference and Leptospira Reference Laboratories (ERL).

She works with the team that provides national reference and surveillance laboratory services for human, animal, food and environmental enteric bacterial pathogens.

Naveena specialises in serotyping Shiga toxin- producing E. coli (STEC) and Salmonella; phage typing and Multiple-Locus Variable number tandem repeat Analysis of Salmonella; and biochemical and molecular testing of other enteric pathogens. She also provides screening and confirmatory tests for common Leptospira serovars found in New Zealand using the microscopic agglutination assay

Naveena started her career in ERL in confirmatory testing of raw beef for export, for potentially pathogenic E. coli.  She then expanded her skills into the other components Microbiology. Naveena is a strong quality advocate being the QA officer for the ERL ensuring the team maintains the standards required for IANZ accreditation.

Prior to joining ERL, Naveena was involved in ESR’s Water Group and worked in planning, design, implementation and analysis of research experiments; and she enjoyed the multifaceted aspects of this role.

Outside her work life, Naveena enjoys gardening and is an amateur botanist. She loves outdoor events and has a great passion for food – both creating and consuming!