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ESR employs around 400 expert minds including the largest team of forensic, social, radiation, environmental and infectious disease scientists and epidemiologists in New Zealand.

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Our expertise, experience and networks are trusted to solve complex problems, collect, collate and analyse huge amounts of data and manage a range of critical national science assets and facilities for New Zealand. Read about our people below or use the filter to find an expert in a particular science discipline.

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Ahmed Al-Salim

Ahmed Al-Salim is a scientist at ESR’s National Centre for Radiation Science (NCRS) based in Christchurch.

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Angela Cornelius 450

Angela Cornelius

Angela Cornelius joined ESR in 1994 and is now a Senior Scientist in the Food, Water and Biowaste group.

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Angus Newton

Angus is part of the Physical Evidence Team.

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Brent Gilpin

Brent Gilpin

Brent is internationally recognised for his work on tracking disease-causing organisms

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Brent Le Vert

Brent Le Vert is a senior scientist at ESR’s National Centre for Radiation Science (NCRS).

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Craig B

Craig Billington

Craig Billington is a senior scientist with ESR’s Food, Water and Environmental Microbiology Group

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