HBV DNA viral load

Registry Details

Area Health Science
Lab name Bloodborne Virus Laboratory
Lab location Kenepuru Science Centre, Porirua
Test name HBV DNA viral load
Organisms Hepatitis B virus
Requested for surveillance no
Notice required no
Routine turnaround time 10 working days
Culture requirements Sterile serum or plasma (SST or EDTA only) ≥ 1000 µL volume
Pre-transport requirements 5 ± 3°C for less than 24 hours
Transport requirements 5 ± 3°C for less than 24 hours
Unacceptable sample types Insufficient sample ≤ 1000 µL and/or heparinized samples
How results reported HBV DNA International Units
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This assay is used to monitor treatment of Hepatitis B infection. Results must be interpreted in conjunction with clinical details.