Vibrio cholerae

Registry Details

Area Health Science
Lab name Enteric Reference Laboratory
Lab location NCBID Wallaceville
Test name Vibrio cholerae
Organisms V. cholerae
Requested for surveillance yes
Notice required yes
Routine turnaround time 10 days
Culture requirements Pure culture
Media requirements Nutrient agar slope
Pre-transport requirements Ambient temperature
Transport requirements Ambient temperature
Unacceptable sample types Mixed cultures will not be tested
How results reported V. cholerae is reported as serotype O1, serotype O139 or non O1 non O139. Serotype O1 organisms are reported as either biotype Classical or biotype El Tor. Biotype El Tor organisms are further subtyped as Ogawa or Inaba. PCR results are reported as positive or negative for cholera toxin and O1/O139 serotype.
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Identification/confirmation of a Vibrio as V. cholerae consists of serotyping, biochemical tests PCR for detection of toxin. PCR detects the toxin gene ctxA as well as the rfb gene sequence specific for the O1 and O139 serotypes.