Salmonella serotyping and sub typing

Registry Details

Area Health Science
Lab name Enteric Reference laboratory
Lab location NCBID Wallaceville
Test name Salmonella serotyping and sub typing
Organisms Salmonella species
Requested for surveillance yes
Notice required no
Routine turnaround time 10 days
Culture requirements Pure culture
Media requirements Nutrient agar slope
Pre-transport requirements Ambient temperature
Transport requirements Ambient temperature
Unacceptable sample types Mixed cultures will not be tested
How results reported The Salmonella serotype is reported. The Salmonella serotype is identified by determining the somatic and flagella antigens present. Most serotypes are biphasic though it may not always be possible to determine both phases of the H antigen. Salmonella sub typing is only reported for Typhimurium, Enteritidis and Typhi.
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