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"Clean water for a safe and healthy environment" our brochure giving an overview of our services and research


 ESR safe water circle cropped plus

  •  Drinking-water quality management
  •  Water Microbiology
  •  Groundwater quality management
  •  Water quality testing services
  •  Biowaste and wastewater
  •  Community engagement and Vision Mātauranga
  •  Pacific consultancy
  •  Environmental and food virology
  •  Legionella testing
  •  Radiation training and consultancy

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Issue No. 5 Living Water 





  •  Horokaka Mātaitai Wānanga Tamariki 
  •  Post-earthquake study of the Avon (Ōtākaro) River in Christchurch 
  •  Exposure of the New Zealand population to ionising radiation 
  •  Crypto micro mimics removal efficiencies in rapid sand filtration

 Living Water November 2018 [PDF, 4.4 MB] 



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