A staff-led initiative has resulted in a massive thank being received from some of the people ESR works closely with on public health programmes in Tonga.

Environmental scientist Matt Ashworth hatched a plan to donate decommissioned ESR computers and, with a little help from a generous staff collection, freight them over to the Islands to start a new life.

Environmental scientist Jan Gregor is an internationally recognised expert on safe drinking water and alongside Matt is working with the Tonga Ministry of Health and Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Labour to deliver a Healthy Tonga Tourism project.

On one of her recent visits she was delighted to find a very happy Sela Fau, Supervising Health Inspector, sitting in front of one of the ESR repurposed computers. 

Sela has taken charge of distributing the 10 computers to her staff and plans to have one computer available for each of the health inspector units (water, food, border control, village sanitation inspections, vector control) and one for each of the outer island offices.

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